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Sports Heads Football Championship

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Sports Heads Football Championship brings 2-player action and a league to this popular soccer arcade game. The goal is just to well score more goals than the other ream within the time lint. During the game you have to keep on the ball and send into the back of the net. To help you are numerous power-ups that can change the size and speed of the ball or even impact your opponent. To start you need to choose your team, anyone from Everton to Manchester United. Sports Heads Football Championship is as much fun as the first game but the 2-player mode really brings things to life as does the more strategic options at the end of each season.

Controls of the Game

Arrows = Move / Jump

Space = Kick

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Try lobbying your enemy

Play more defensly rather than offense

Know when to jump to prevent goal

Training makes it perfect

game review

Sports Heads Football Championship is not quite the great leap forward that many would have hoped for but it’s a bigger jump than it initially appears to be. The changes, although infuriating to begin with as they make you re-learn elements of your game, ultimately make for a more realistic game of football. There’s more nuance, more fidelity in the tactical systems and there’s greater movements from the players on the pitch. In a series that is synonymous with incremental improvements, Sports Heads Football Championship manages to feel like more of an evolutionary leap.